Services We Provide

These are a few of the special features and programs we
offer that we feel make us unique.  
Parent Library  We have a set of parenting books on
topics such as child development, discipline, health,  
children's parties, inspirational books, and parent/child
communication , as well as magazines such as "Parent  
and Child" and "Family Fun" which parents can sign out.  
We also have children's activity backpacks to borrow.
Parent/Teacher Conferences Teachers are available
before and after class for informal or scheduled
conferences requested by either the parents or the
teacher to address behavior or educational issues.  In
addition every parent is offered a formal written evaluation
and conference in the middle of the school year.
Parent Involvement  Parents are invited to share crafts,
musical talents, or talk about their jobs.  We also welcome
unusual show & tells such as a calf from a farm or a dump
truck from your job.  We even released homing pigeons
once!  In the 4 yr. olds class parents can come in as
guest readers once a week.  Monthly newsletters and
class bulletin boards keep parents informed on events
and provide sign-up sheets for involvement.  Twice a
month coffee get togethers are provided after drop-off
and before pick-up time.
Enrichment Classes  These are offered in addition to
the regular classes your child is already enrolled in.  They
are designed to give your child a chance to explore topics
of special interest or sample new ones.  They also give
him/her a chance to experience a longer class day.  
Enrichment sessions consist of classes of 2 1/2 hours
once a week for 4 weeks on a single theme, taught by one
of our staff.   Recent topics have included  Holiday
Cooking and Crafts, Hands-on Science, and Nature
Explorers.  These classes can also be taken alone for an
affordable once a week preschool experience. See the
Classes page for more details.
Class "Stage" Productions  Every class puts on shows
to which parents are invited.  Preparing the shows
teaches cooperation, self-confidence, auditory memory,
and the chance to plan an event and see it through to
completion.  3,4, and 4 Plus classes each put on a
Thanksgiving program with costumes, songs and
refreshments.  4 Yr. Olds present a Nursery Rhyme show
with costumes during which they recite, clap rhythmically,
and even enact some of the verses.  4 Plus class
presents their own circus.  3 Yr, Olds offer a Mothers' Day
Tea.  All 4 and 4 Plus classes have graduations as well.  
Chick Hatching and Butterfly House We alternate
each spring between these two nature projects.  One year
children get to watch eggs hatch then care for the chicks
for a week.  The next spring we watch caterpillars change
to chrysalis to butterfly and then release them.
Parents Morning Out  One Saturday before Chirstmas,
children may come and bring lunch.  They stay for a
program of crafts, songs, yoga, stories and play time and
get to meet Santa and hear him tell of his love for Jesus
and why this love leads him to give to others.  The event
lasts 4 hours and lets parents get things done for the
holidays while their children are being entertained.
Easter Story/Craft Event  The week before Easter, on
     Saturday, children attend this event along with their
    parents.  We begin with a puppet or interactive story
    about  the true meaning of Easter , then rotate between
   classrooms to do Easter and Spring themed crafts and
   games.  The event ends with refreshments and distribution
   of toy filled eggs.
Community Service Events  Twice a year we
incorporate activities which allow the children to help
others in the community.  The children learn to empathize
with others and to accept individual differences.  Finding
that they can positively impact the lives of others also
boosts their self-esteem.  We adopt two families from
Bucks County Opportunity Council at Christmas and we
hold a hop-a-thon in the Spring for Easter Seals or
Muscular Dystrophy.