St. Luke's Little Lambs Nursery School
Hands-on learning in a Christian setting
                ABOUT OUR CLASSES
Every class has two teachers (except Together Time for Twos,
where parents attend with child.)  The school year is organized
around theme units of two to three weeks which vary from class to
class.  All classes include free play time where children choose from
pre-selected theme -related toys and activities from the centers
around the room (blocks, books, art, manipulatives, housekeeping,
puppets, etc.)  Every day there is a craft which all children will do to
practice motor skills, following directions in sequence, and which
reinforce the day's theme.  There is  a daily meeting time where
literature based lessons are taught.  Children also take turns
having helper jobs, and there is  snack.  Show & Tell time and gym
and outdoor play occur regularly.  We also include instruction in Sign
Language, Spanish, and Children's Yoga, and Bible stories.
Below you will find more information about specific classes:     

Together Time for Twos: Wednesdays, 10 AM
Class size:  10         Teacher:  Mrs. Gratias
This class is for two year olds accompanied by a parent or
guardian.  A child can join whenever {s}he turns two.  Each class
includes, free play time, circle time with stories, songs, and games,
and a craft.  Each 6 week session includes a holiday party.  There
are 5 different 6 week sessions with different themes and children
can attend as many as you wish.  Themes are ;   Fall Session
(leaves, vegetables, our bodies, nursery rhymes, feelings,
Halloween), Holiday Session (Big & little, circles, music, baby Jesus,
turkeys, Christmas), Winter Session  (snowy day play, Frosty the
Snowman, textures, shadows, hearts, Dr. Suess'  birthday,
Valentine's Day), Spring Session  (animal puppets, preposition
clown, green day, sniffs & smells, animals' homes, Easter), Nature
Session  (seeds, ladybugs, butterflies, rain, birds, color day picnic.)

Three Year Olds: Tues./Thu., 9-11:30 AM  
Class size:  10.        Teachers:  Mrs. Gratias & Mrs. Neubert
This is often a child's first experience attending school on
his/her own.  A lot of time is spent building a child's self-confidence,
social skills, and independence.  We also work on a foundation of
skills such as proper grip and control of pencil and scissors,
counting to 10, recognizing numerals and letters, color of the
month, reading and printing name, listening and paying attention in
a group, and following directions  .Examples of some monthly
themes are:  Sept. (getting to know ourselves and others, apples,
visit to an apple orchard), Oct. (fall, fire safety, real vs pretend,
Halloween,  Halloween parade and party), Nov.  (Pilgrims, Indians,
turkeys,  thankfulness, Thanksgiving feast for our families), Dec.  
(St Nicholas Day, Jesus birth, the importance of giving, school
giving project, and Christmas party), Jan.  (New Year, winter,
penguins, Eskimos,  begin number books), Feb.  (love, caring
acts,Valentine's Day party, shape of the day),Mar.  (wind and
weather, St. Patrick's Day, ), April  (spring, seeds & plants, eggs,
butterflies, Easter party,), May (farm animals, Mother's Day tea,
Teddy Bear Picnic.)

Four Year Olds:  Mon./Wed/Fri.  9-11:30 AM
Class size:  15         Teachers:  Mrs. Bryan & Mrs. Neubert
Throughout our 2-3 week units of study, we teach and reinforce
motor skills, pre-math and pre-reading skills, social skills, auditory
memory, vocabulary development,science and social studies
concepts, independence, self confidence, and self-esteem.  We
work on number books 1-15, and letter practice books.  There is  a
daily homework paper and weekly show & tell.  The year is enriched
with holiday celebrations, guests, field trips, and community
outreach projects as follows:  Family Events  (  Indian Program,
Nursery Rhyme Show, Graduation), Field Trips & Visitors  (Dublin
fire Co., pumpkin patch, public library, local grocery store, virtual
whale watch), Community Outreach  (Trick or Treat for UNICEF,
Christmas gifts for needy families, Hop-n-ing for Easter Seals or
MD),  Sample Lesson Themes  (seasons, health & safety, ocean,
Nursery Rhymes & Literature, community helpers, transportation,
animal life cycles).

Enrichment Classes:  Wed.  12-2:30 PM
Class size:  15        Teachers:  Mrs. Gratias                                        
These classes can be taken alone as your only enrollment or added  to
the classes your child is already taking since unit topics are different.
Classes are organized in month long themed units and each day will          
feature a different letter.  All letters of the alphabet will be covered by       
the end of the school year, along with intermittent  review days.  Each       
class will feature craft, story, game &  finger- plays related to the topic;    
and phonics activities, practice printing upper & lower case letters, and    
work in a letter booklet  featuring the letter of the day.
Topics:   Sept/Music Makers, Oct./ Outer Space Explorations,
Nov/ Word Wizards  ,Dec,/ Artist Colony,Jan./ Dinosaur Discoveries,     
Feb./ Winter Science, March/ Insect Investigators, April/ Feathered         
Friends, May/Nature

Class size:  15    Teachers:  Mrs. Gratias
This class is designed for children who need an extra growth year
before Kindergarten or have missed the cutoff.  We have themes that  
are all different than the other classes and we stress more phonics along
with letter recognition.  We work on number 1-20.  Along with the
regular class work, each week each child will get individualized work in
his/her own work box.  Parents will get monthly reports on their work
and progress.  There is more stress on independent work, time
management, and personal responsibility.  Field trips and special events
relate to the themes and the children will put on their own circus in
middle of the year!